I accept all of the arrangements and provisions as set forth in this Agreement and declare my intention to participate in the Beta test.
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A new era has dawned.

Sinister creatures from the Anderworld ravage the lands of Dracania. A league of heroes fights to preserve the life and liberty of Dracania's populace. If they fail, complete annihilation looms at the hand of the high priestess Khalys.

A world in flames

Dracania awaits you

From the Grimmagstone Caves to the sinister Nefertari cult's Prison of Souls - adventure and danger awaits heroes brave enough to enter here. Fight for liberty and justice in Dracania!

Duels and group battles

Prove your mettle in battle!

The fighters of the alliance often measure their strength in direct duels or in group fights in order to prepare for battle. Who's stronger, better, tougher? Who can hone the use of their skills? The top rankers enjoy great prestige!

Work well done is half the battle

Steam Mechanicus

Steam Mechanicae are Dracania's most skilled craftsmen. Their outstanding inventions, such as fully loaded firepower and rocket packs, make them one of the most dangerous and versatile opponents.

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